Monday, 2 November 2009

Weekend fun - part 1

My friend Joelle and I finally managed to meet up on Saturday so hit the shops in Montrose. I managed to make a good start on my Christmas shopping which was great and then we headed back to mine and walked out to the lighthouse to build up an appeite for tea. We had an Indian takeaway (and alcohol of course) and watched Shrek the Third as she had never seen it. It was a lovely night and nice just to chill. It's hard nowadays to meet up due to the different hours we work.

I went up to Aberdeen yesterday to give Maria and Bryan the blanket. Owen was awake and is soooo lovely. It's amazing the way babies stare at you - you have to wonder what they are thinking. The cats said hello as well though Benson (the fluffy one) decided to wait until I was leaving - maybe it was cheerio?!

Anway, as promised, I've uploaded the photo of the blanket. You may think it's the same as the last one but it isn't really. It's the same pattern but the colour scheme is different and I think it looks better this way. I now have to psych myself up for the last one as I know it'll be a challenge.

I also decided to try a new recipe for chocolate chip cookies as I'm trying to perfect the recipe. I had run out of chocolate chips which was just as well as the recipe didn't say when to use them! So my workmates got some as did Joelle, Maria and Simon (we car-share to Church, he's the organist). It's shocking the amount of sugar you're supposed to use though, so I generally half the quantity at least.

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stupidgirl_no1 said...

Thanks so much for the gorgeous blanket - if any of your friends would like to see you and Owen with it my picture is at:
He's asleep under it as I type..!